CD/IRA Rates

All rates subject to change without notice.

Certificate of Deposit Rates

We offer certificates with terms of 3 months to 60 months. For current rates, contact a member service representative at any of our offices.

Above rates valid for deposits of $250,000 or less. Please contact any of our offices for other rate quotes.

Your savings (non retirement funds) are federally insured up to at least $250,000 by the full faith and credit of the United States Government.

Individual Retirement Accounts

Please contact any of our offices for rate quotes.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) only are insured up to $250,000 by NCUA, an agency of the Federal Government. IRAs are insured separately from non retirement funds.


Certificate of Deposit and IRA disclosures:
(1) The divided rate on your certificate is __% with an annual percentage yield of __%. You will be paid this rate until first maturity.
(2) Unless otherwise paid, dividends will be compounded every ________.
(3) Dividends will be credited to your account every ________. Alternatively, you may choose to have dividends paid to you or to another account every ________ rather than credited to this account.
(4) You must maintain the minimum balance stated above in your account each day to obtain the disclosed annual percentage yield.
(5) Dividends are calculated by the daily balance method which applies a daily periodic rate to the balance in the account each day.
(6) Dividends will begin to accrue on the business day you place non cash items (i.e., checks) to your account.
(7) After the account is opened, you may not make additions into the account until the maturity date stated on the account. You may make withdrawals of principal from your account before maturity only if we agree at the time you request the withdrawal. Principal withdrawn before maturity is included in the amount subject to early withdrawal penalty. You can only withdraw interest before maturity if you make arrangements with us for periodic payments of dividends in lieu of crediting.
(8) Early Withdrawal Penalties (A penalty may be imposed for withdrawals before maturity) -

  • If your account has an original maturity of one year or less:
    The penalty we may impose will be the greater of:
    ° seven days dividends on the amount withdrawn, or
    ° all dividends that have been earned not to exceed three months
  • If your account has an original maturity of more than one year:
    The penalty we may impose will be the greater of:
    ° seven days dividends on the amount withdrawn, or
    ° all dividends that have been earned not to exceed six months

In certain circumstances such as the death or incompetence of an owner of this account, the law permits, or in some cases requires, the waiver of the early withdrawal penalty. Other exceptions may also apply, for example, if this is part of an IRA or other tax-deferred savings plan.
For any account which earns a dividend rate that may vary from time to time during the term, the dividend rate we will use to calculate this early withdrawal penalty will be the dividend rate in effect at the time of the withdrawal.
(9) The annual percentage yield is based on an assumption that interest will remain in the account until maturity. A withdrawal will reduce earnings.
(10) IRA Certificates will automatically renew at maturity. You may prevent renewal if you withdraw the funds in the account at maturity (or within the grace period mentioned below, if any) or we receive written notice from you within the grace period mentioned below, if any. We can prevent renewal if we mail notice to you at least 30 calendar days before maturity. If either you or we prevent renewal, dividends will not accrue after final maturity. Each renewal term will be the same as the original term, beginning on the maturity date. The dividend rate will be the same we offer on new term certificates on the maturity date which have the same term, minimum balance (if any) and other features as the original term share account. You will have a grace period of ten calendar days after maturity to withdraw the funds without being charged an early withdrawal penalty.
(11) Special Certificates will not automatically renew at maturity. If you do not renew the account, dividends will not accrue after maturity.




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