Use a password to protect your online purchases. Take the Citizens Community Credit Union VISA card you already use, add a password to confirm online purchases, and you've got Verified by VISA. It's a new security program that helps ensure that only you can use your VISA card to buy online. Once you've activated a password for your card, no one else can use your VISA card number at any participating online stores without your personal password. Verified by VISA helps prevent unauthorized purchases before they happen.

Activate your card. Verified by VISA is designed to protect the VISA Check/Debit card(s) and VISA Credit Card(s) you already have. It's easy to enroll. Just go to to get started. Be sure to read the Privacy and Security policies to understand the how your information is protected.

Use it from any computer. With Verified by VISA you can use your card to shop with added safety from any computer that has internet access. Once your card is activated, simply shop like normal. At participating online stores, your card will automatically be recognized as being protected by Verified by VISA. You'll be asked to verify your password, and the transaction will be completed as usual. In stores that are not yet participating in Verified by VISA, your VISA card will continue to work as usual.

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